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12 November 2008

OMG!OMG!OMG! My comp went blank just as I was sending a stinker to a person I most detest! I'd just about reached telling him to & my machine gaped at me with a dark face. Sigh! No amount to plugging in/out, rebooting etc helped. It had decided to die on me & that was that. According to a greek-latin speaking techy, my motherboard had gone blink & there was only so much he'd try to retrieve. Comps had a mother or a board?
Well, anyway, so there was work & no machine to work on. What would I do? What about all my deadlines for the day and the mailing and the...blah-d-blah? Hmmm, while the techy was trying to find a method in the madness, la-Lear, I thought of calling up a most dreaded client & catching up on a project. Oh well, he wasn't available & would I please call back later? Sure, dude! Just thought I'd let you know we are at it. Humdedum, what next? I called up a couple of old cronies I'd not called in ages, called up my siblings...everyone on earth I could think of & still no sign of a temporary comp for me to work on. Well, such situations for a meeting! So I collected my team members & pushed off for a long, long meeting. Poor souls, I bet they cursed me just the same as I curse my boss when she calls for a boring, dull meeting. Ok, so we decided to work faster, harder, raise the bar a little higher & all the jazzy I do/will bow-wow promises people make in meetings. Half a day still remaining. Ha! I knew what I could do! Fill out the hateful productivity sheets that I'd ignored for the last half a month! Darn...those who have to do this will have complete, undivided sympathies with me when I say filling out these PS' is one of the worst tasks a company can make an employee do. Trust me, if you've done this everyday for a month, you can do almost anything else in the world, except produce a baby, maybe.
5'o clock & at last I get to see a spare machine. What's the point anyway, in an hour, it'd be time to go home. And, hell, what about my motherboard?It'll take a good 7 working days to get it back. What about all my work saved on it? What about all the crazy articles I've penned for the ga-ga & the dotty in the other part of the world?
Hmm, maybe I'll just take a holiday to the Himalayas & look for the infamous, elusive Yeti. That seems to be an easier task than getting a sick computer to work.

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Sahana 11/12/2008  

I so totally agree abt the freaking comp disasters. Dont they just happen when youre in the middle of something important!

Free-Fallin' 11/12/2008  

Good your comp conked-out on you. you've been sending to many stinkers, maybe. Thank God u had a phone on you, though. Siblings would have been happy to hear from you.
:-) don't go to himalayas. They're redundant. Instead, come into my parlour......

Bardrox 11/12/2008  

Free Fallin', I tell you, it is a disaster when you have a day & rn't allowed an off! W

Dinank 11/12/2008  

:) so typical of a work situ!

Anonymous 11/12/2008  

Quite an intersting close to the write-up...Himalayas haan!!-- ritu

Bardrox 11/13/2008  

Yes, such times, it is the peaks of Badri that seem most peaceful...never mind the Yeti!

Anonymous 12/31/2009  

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