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24 December 2008

Someone close-by made a comment about someone: such a jack of all trades and master of none!
Hmm…and what, may I ask, is wrong in that? We all can’t be the Da Vincis, Diors or who’s-who of the world. So, for us common mortals, is it really wrong to be jack of all trades? Not really, I think. In fact, I think Jacks are at a better advantage given their sheer expanse of experience in multiple areas. Now, imagine, can a master architect, in really severe times, do clothes, dabble in paint or fix a doorbell/leaking faucet? You get the basic drift. Now, our Jack has tried his hand at banking, electronics, cooking, sculpture…a little bit of it all. Maybe he ain’t the best, but his is a better perspective. He understands more. Appreciates more. He is wiser. His is not the judgment of the frenzied one-sided, blinkered old horse. When he gives opinions, they are more the valuable for their rounded angle. His life is more varied, he has more opportunities. In times of need, he is the one person who can multi-task coz he’s been-there-done-that...no tiny thing, he. Imperfect, yes; out-of-work, never. Now, this is not to deny a master his due. This is just in favour of the Jacks who feel it ain’t good till you’re a CEO of the blah-de-blah.
Times are a-changing. No longer is there a need to feel ashamed, Jack if you ain’t somebody. You can always make yourself useful. Remember Mr. Ashley who couldn’t do anything other than be a soldier in
Gone With the Wind? I’m afraid, I’m not much good at anything, Scarlett. Sigh! Whatever you may be, Jack, you sure ain’t a loser. You can always paint or teach.
Or, maybe, write a blog? :)

7 Comments, Opinions & What Have you!:

Nalin 12/24/2008  

I never thought of it this way...

Twisted Elegance.... 12/24/2008  

Ha ha
A different perspective :)

Vandana Shastri 12/24/2008  

Yeah, who'd have thought Jacks will be extolled one day? ;)

Bardrox 12/24/2008  


Anonymous 12/25/2008  

hey Bardrox...you don't need to look anywhere ortoo hard for your choice of topics do you? I like that. Anything and everything is worth giving attention to...neat.


Srini 12/29/2008  

Hey reading your Jack thought, I remember one phrase "colours of error" what's your say on it? I mean what's your word on the phrase? read http://chinnur.blogspot.com/2008/10/c-o-l-o-r-s-o-f-e-r-r-o-r.html Let me know...

Free-Fallin' 1/02/2009  

hey, good post.


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