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07 March 2009

How does it feel to be in a place that may best be called transit? Has your life been in transit, ever? When you knew you had moved away from the past, were waiting for the future, not yet there? Life in transit can be dull…or not, depending on the perspective you choose to carry.
I have seen a lot many people getting frustrated coz they want to move to the next destination but can’t. A lot others eventually move on but wistfully look back at the time they were in that in-between situation of life. What is it about that state that bothers people? Is it the ‘don’t-know-what’s-in-store’ factor? Impatience? Or is it fear? I think it’s a pretty decent place to be in, if you look at it from that angle. You have left something behind, something you can never go back to, for better or worse. You have this life ahead about which you have very little clue. So what? Can’t the present be enjoyed without perpetually singing the I wonder what’s in store for me jingle? Remember what what’s-his-name said…

What might have been is an abstractionRemaining a perpetual possibilityOnly in a world of speculation.What might have been and what has beenPoint to one end, which is always present.

If all it boils down to, is the present, then will fretting and worrying do much other than send you down a mental disquietude lane? Life in transit ain’t that bad, after all. Look around you…people are moving about doing things they always do. They’re either working, or married, or raising kids, generally. They are all there somewhere. But again, are they? Maybe that’s not what you’d like. Maybe, just maybe, life has a different route set out for you. Isn’t it worth the wait? It’s important to just live the moment, even if it means watching others do the dance of life. You are at a vantage point…all-seeing, as it were. An observer in the grandstand of life. Not bad for someone who is, technically, nowhere. :)

You know it all better- having seen it all objectively. You know where to pull the strings, where to draw the line.

So, nowhere man, please listen, you don’t know what you’re not missing…quit fretting and start enjoying the place you’re in! … Time past and time future
What might have been and what has been
Point to one end, which is always present.

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Savitha C 3/08/2009  

Coincidence that I tend to remember the lines 'What might have been and what has been, Point to one end, which is always the present.' when I am on the local train here. Watching people fretting about, talking nineteen to a dozen on all the divergent issues that can be classified under this huge umbrella called 'life' and in the process missing out on the actual life that is playing around them.

Rambler 3/18/2009  

you have a very interesting thought here, have I been in a transit..I guess most of the times we are..mainly because our ambitions and our aims keep developing, and the human tendency to want more

I think its impatience in my case..I hate not knowing what happens next, be it a book or my life.

On a totally different note on "What might have been is an abstraction Remaining a perpetual possibility Only in a world of speculation.What might have been and what has been Point to one end, which is always present"

this made me recall the theory of Richard Bach in his book One..talks how our life is just one path out of hundreds of possibilities, and how we are just 'one' version of what all we can be

Shantanu 4/06/2009  

I think this is a topic not many people will even bother to dwell upon, leave alone go deeper.
Kudos to you for thinking of unusual topics!


My Heart 4/18/2009  

I've been there and felt the same way. It seems like everyone in the world is moving on with their lives while you are caught up on one incident in your past. That's what makes this world imperfect.

You have a very good way of expressing your feelings! :)

Nefarious Demon 5/06/2009  

just came across ur blog.. nice write up must say.. but honestly, u DO anticipate alot from life at the end of the day, no matter how carefree or low u insist on keepin yourself....

Sugandha Gupta 6/20/2009  

Hey gr8 thought ...

Bardrox 6/24/2009  

@ Nefarious Demon...Yes, you are so right! If we didn't...we'd be saints, anticipating liberation, instead! :-)


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