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17 August 2009

A new madness has erupted on the scene: Facebook status updates. (As if the very in short-forms-(ab)use wasn't enough to drive one mad!) Looks like it has taken over the common sense and minds of a lot of people, some of them dear to me, yet others mere acquaintances. Even while holidaying, their status will change on an hourly basis, vividly describing whatever it is they may be doing. A coupla instances: “In Paris, enjoying the most delicious champagne and eating the best sizzlers in the world!” Hmm… well, if I were really enjoying all of that, would I be FB-ing my status thus or just getting soaked in that feeling? Here’s another: “Amazed by the way Italian people build their bathrooms! There are mirrors on the ceiling and placed in a way your lover can see you taking a shower from the bedroom!” Or this one here: “Going to get my son potty-trained. Any suggestions?” (!!! Why would anyone want to put up their son’s toilet-training rituals on FB?) What do you think of this one: “Losing at chequers!” Is it any wonder you’re losing, says me…you’re busy facebook-ing! Another one: “Waiting to soak myself in my fiancé’s parent’s hot water bath tub!” Wow! How exciting!

Come on! I mean there are limits, you know, to what you will put up as your STATUS! On a freaking HOLIDAY, what’s more! It’s as if you’ll gasp, choke, faint or die if you didn’t let it all out on FB.

I have tried and tried and tried some more…and yet, any kind of sensible explanation for all of the above continues to elude me. The only conclusion I can reach to is that it is an obsession. Had such status updates been done by someone unknown to me, I’d have reckoned they were trying to brag and showoff. But, no, this is pure and simple addiction, mania or a compulsion…and, at worst, a need to communicate to anyone out there.

Wonder how Freud would have interpreted this fixation. Would have blamed this, too, on the Oedipal complex, maybe!

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Allergic To People 8/17/2009  

I have noticed this trend. It is more among the older gen not just teenagers. You can understand if teenagers do this. These are adults trying to be teenagers.

Anahat 8/17/2009  


scarlet pimpernel 8/17/2009  

New Layout is gr8
Times have changed
These days it is not unuf to look good and be good you have to have a good online thing too, ain't it?

BardSpeaks 8/17/2009  

@ S Pimpernel: Thanks!
Well, one tends to get bored of the same look on one's blog. I'd say, it's important to keep reinventing yourself. Wouldn't you agree?

Jaideep Sobti 8/17/2009  

LMAO!!(that incidentally is something i learnt recently on the net. how i'm supposed to laugh my ass off... i'm still trying to figure out...)

But this post is sooo funny, it had me rolling on the floor with laughter :D

BardSpeaks 8/17/2009  

@Jaideep: I know what you mean! I had a tough time trying to recall what ROTFL or LMAF meant!

Sumit 8/17/2009  

Lol! This post sounds like it is written just for the likes of me, who like to update every random thing about themselves on to FB.

Some inane samples:

"...is sleepy"

"is bored..."


There are lots more, and all of them silly! :D

BardSpeaks 8/17/2009  

@Sumit: "Sleepy" or "Bored" are perfectly fine...you obviously would want the thread to continue with ppl commenting, poking fun and stuff...but some of the status updates beat it all!

Pooja Mahimkar 8/17/2009  

so true, even i have noticed that status thing.. and i didnt know about the italian bathrooms ... lol
good one.

Saad Shaikh 8/17/2009  

hehehee.. yeah.. exactly.. for some it might be 'bragging'.. but most of 'em, believe me, are Facebook-maniacs.. similar trend could be found on twitter..

there was a time when people 'demanded' privacy.. and now they themselves are evading theirs.. :P

good one.. ;)

Indian Pundit 8/17/2009  

Hi Bard

i dont know what u are talking about since i dont use facebook.

But i guess these people just wanna attract attention!!

Anyways thanks for visiting my blog.

Cheers and am following your blog now.

BardSpeaks 8/17/2009  

@IP: FB is a social network site where you may update your status (besides a host of other stuff) which people use mostly to tell their friends what they are upto, or even what flavour of mood they are in. :-)
Unfortunately, it's being overdosed with updates, some of which I posted as examples. I wouldn't be surprised if it all fell to pieces one day because of that very reason! :-) People have a limited attn span & get bored pretty fast!
Thanks for joining!

sm 8/18/2009  

yes it just depends on person to person, how quickly you get bore with the old concept.

scarlet pimpernel 8/18/2009  

Yeah reinventing is an art in itself. like re negotiating a home loan :-). How is the flu situation there ?.

Srivatsan 8/18/2009  

he he!
My facebook status updates are sometimes filled with mafia wars or street racing or farmville invites!
I don't like to share personal happenings or break away my privacy,so I never shared daily activities on facebook!:)

That son-potty thing is hilarious!:D

BardSpeaks 8/18/2009  

@ S Pimpernel: Re-inventing oneself AND home loan re-negotiation? Pray, how are they similar? M a little foxed here! :-)

Deepika Gupta 8/18/2009  

lol.... its damn funny the way ppl keep on updating nonsense one liners on fb.....

once some guy in my list updated
"Do not go out at 12 midnight for a glass of lemon water it can be dangerous"
does it makes any sense... :P :P
Who is crazy enough to go out @12am just for glass of neembu pani... :P

in ur list i loved that one bathroom mirrors.. rofl... people are crazy.. its not show off its craziness!!

It was a humorous read..

Slyde 8/18/2009  

i finally bit the bullet and joined FB in decemeber.

i must admit that i was quite addicted for a month or so, then the allure completely wore off.

i havent signed in in weeks..

sonali 8/19/2009  

i m sorry, but lemme be honest, i am one of them!! i love FB and status updates is something i love it!!
u r right, but cnt help it!!
nice blog, keep it up.

Sid 8/19/2009  

A mad mad post!

Pree-yea.... 8/19/2009  

Twitter is worse..!! I think I'm the only person on this planet who hates tweets or anything twitter-y..! Nice post btw.! :) And thanks for the follow..!!

Farishta 8/19/2009  

hahaha, yes! totally true. maybe ppl should put this feature of FB to better use. Like, people at the place where I had worked in summer update their profiles with work details, or details about the firm's new ventures. It all depends on how people perceive it to be. You are right, it is this sort of fad/obsession.

~PakKaramu~ 8/20/2009  

Pak Karamu reading and visiting your blog

pawan 8/20/2009  

But all I find in Face book is people answering useless quizzes which predict monotonous Death prophecies and life partners. But, the Italian bathroom example was surely hilarious!

Good one, and you have a nice blog up here!

BardSpeaks 8/20/2009  

@pak Kumar & Pawan: Thanks.

Sourav !!! 8/23/2009  

My current facebook update : Smile, thats all ! :)

Those people who keep writing such weird updates were attention-deficit kids in their bachpan, probably...and if by any chance they get to read this post it would make 'em more thn happy !
Just to save me from this nonsensical upadating culture, I've ignored all such users on FB who even would hire someone to write that he/she is no more after them or he/she has just farted, hope it doesn't smell too bad ... too gross that was !! .. your post ignited my PJ senses ... you're to be blamed ... LAUGH OUT LOUD !! ;)


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