Of Secretaries and Receptionists…

06 August 2009

Have you noticed how receptionists and secretaries have a way of being a really annoying species? Except, of course, to the boss.

I know one who is perpetually on the official phone through the day, gossiping and back-biting about anyone she cares to tittle-tattle about. Low voice, head turned towards the wall, looking serious…you get the picture. You tell her to hang up (partly because everyone around is sick to the bone transferring calls for her) and you get scowls, frowns and intense hate vibes…if looks could kill, you’d be burnt to ashes – and charcoal black ones at that! This one is very clever. You see, she doesn’t know her job. And, so, before anyone can point a finger, she goes on the offensive and reports it all to the boss, giving a real sob story. Wait, there’s more: she seems to be organizing people, giving them a dressing down each time the boss is in the hearing vicinity! What would the honcho think? That the woman is a conscientious, hard worker and the rest of the pack is like rats jumping around when the cat’s gone out.

Groan! The way everyone suffers! The phone is never available, her reports are done by another (tis easier to do them yourself than chase her and ask her to do them), she comes in late and alters the attendance time, calls are connected (if at all) to the wrong person, you want to be connected to so and so and that’s exactly when the person to be called will not take the call or his number would be busy, people calling in are treated like pests (they’ve disturbed her personal call, you see), their phone call is transferred without as much a please-be-on-hold-while-I-transfer-you to them or an xyz-has-called to you…the list is endless! Would you believe she deliberately makes mistakes so you don’t ask her to do the same work again? Oh! You are also asked deeply personal questions, rather nonchalantly in a group that could leave you redder than a beetroot and squirming and writhing in your chair. Worse: if you don’t answer, it’s repeated with a different style. THAT is something she never runs out of. Her love life is extremely happening and I doubt if there is anyone from the cantankerous errands boy to the dull accountant who is unaware of that!

The worst was last week when a manager was rudely told to “shoot me a mail” beforehand if they wanted to be connected on the phone to anyone! I wonder how much bigger this milk and food guzzling organism will become for her boots.

Sigh! The future sure looks bleak…

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Antarang 8/06/2009  

Ha ha! Poor victims. I can relate to this. Have a similar and worse person at my workplace.

Anonymous 8/06/2009  

Oh yes...have noticed this rare annoying species way too many times to get her out of my mind..Secretaries no matter which part of the world they are in seem to have this amazing ability to annoy one and all :)

This milk and food guzzling organism will surely get bigger and better at gossiping her life away!!

Interesting post...enjoyed it to the hilt :D

Srivatsan 8/06/2009  

They haven't fired her till now???
is she daughter of any influential or management??:O

BardSpeaks 8/06/2009  

@Srivatsan: The point is that those who have the power to fire her/pull her up think she's efficient:-(

Jaideep Sobti 8/06/2009  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jaideep Sobti 8/06/2009  

Bard, in hindsight, i feel a little foolish about the long-winded comment i’ve just left on your post. It’s just that i can’t understand how a conversation between people can happen with a five word sentence going back and forth between them. Maybe i’m just a lil’ too talkative... maybe i haven’t understood the concept of blogs.... i dunno... Maybe you should just delete the previous prolix. Here’s the new comment, “Yup, that’s the receptionist species for you.”

BardSpeaks 8/06/2009  

@Jaideep: I rather like this particular long comment:-) Have decided against deleting it.

Rohini Prasanth 8/06/2009  

Yup. I know how satisfying it is to classify these annoying species and make up a whole museum of their specimens. I think they feel its their 'jobright' to not do their job. Unfortunately, these types are the majority and mask the little known and rarely seen good, helpful ones. Not kidding, I have had my share of both the bad and the good ones.

PS - Jai's long comment was as interesting as your post.. haha..

Anahat 8/16/2009  

Oh no! What a creature!

sonali 8/19/2009  

there is so much more than this, i know! The secretaries and Personal secretaries have little difference, one says "good morning sir", while the later says "its morning sir"

well done, keep it up.


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