Revenge of the Shakespeare Hater

25 September 2009

A strange thing happened the other day at a restaurant I was eating out at. Munching at the delicacies laid out, I had kinda ignored the French-fries that came along with the other stuff. A boy-man came up, stood beside me and made a funny argha-ahem noise. When I looked up, he cocked his head at the other end of my table and moved his thumb in a look-there kinda obscene gesture. In turn, I raised both my eyebrows, stopped munching, questioning him with a you-talking-to-me look. (God! Had I done something weird again?) My eyes quickly darted around. Nah, all seemed well. The BM(boy-man) tilted his head and stared at the food. Now, I’ve always prided myself on understanding sign language but this wasn’t anything close. So, I asked BM what the matter was. He looked ruefully at my table, “you gonna eat all that?” Strange q. It took a minute to understand he expected a civilized reply from me. I yes-I-ammm..ed. He said, “well, you have an appetite, huh!” What a moron! Before I could um-hun, he said, “I don’t think you’re gonna be able to eat the FF, too. You’re gonna throw them away and I hate people wasting food when the rest of the population starves.” He made a grab for my precious FF and said, “there, lemme take care of that.” NOT SO FAST, MISTER! Gimme my food back! “hey hey hey!” goes the nincompoop, “what’s a little pack of fries to you?” Unbelievable. He also looked at me as if I was taking HIS food away from him. “Take it back for all I care!” said he. The kids at McD were watching me, the parents looked accusingly at me, too. Saying, “What’s wrong with you, man?” he walked away, leaving me with a torn pack of fries in my hand.

Before I could walk down to the counter and talk to the manager, my 15 year old nephew marched in and led me away. Yeah, 'twas a prank played by a pack of juvenile dolts. This was punishment, you see, for making him memorise entire passages out of Shakespeare’s plays for his exam.

I have forgiven him and his pals.

Of course, not a day goes by when i don't do a little ‘heh-heh-heh jig’ and rub my hands together in sheer, malicious pleasure, for special effects. If only the kiddo knew what’s in store for him around his next exam.

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Anahat 9/25/2009  

I'm wondering what the punishment will be.
Crazy post bard.

Jaideep Sobti 9/25/2009  
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Sourav !!! 9/25/2009  

I'd to word hard to find that hidden link to post a comment !

I'm with that 'boy-man' who teaches those Shakespeare teachers a lesson or two ;)

Enjoyed the post as much as you missed you FF ! love with me and life

BardSpeaks 9/25/2009  

@Jai: yeah! Took a break! See you mised me!

@Sourav: :D Man...I tell you! That neph didnt even lemme enjoy my junk food!

SiMbA tAgO 9/25/2009  

hey nice post...poor he....he doesn't know what he has in line for his next exams...true...


Abby Kihano 9/26/2009  

oh wow... your link is so hidden i also had a hard time trying to figure out where it was.

anyway, that boy is so RUDE! i mean, who does that!? there you were trying to eat in peace and then all of a sudden someone interrupts you with the whole starvation crap?!

that person needs to get an education

Kaka 9/26/2009  

lol...but i love french fries a lot...:)....also long time since u posted...:)

P.S ; dont u have another nick....i find saying bard uncomfortable for some reasons ....:P

BardSpeaks 9/26/2009  

@ Abby: Nah, Abby! It's notlike that! I adore my neph & have practically brought him up! We have a crazy relationship. He's a good guy...just a typical teen!

@ Kaka: I don't have a nick...but you may address me as B! hope that made it easier!

Jaideep Sobti 9/26/2009  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arjun 9/26/2009  

Nice to see u posting again.....

Pranks..!! Silly guy.. :P


Tim 9/27/2009  

Whadda prankster! You musta been knowcked out.

Shas 9/27/2009  

Even am wondering what you gave him in the exam.

soin 9/28/2009  

this not bad.. we got a guy to give 50 paise to our school head girl and asked to ask her for

Saad Shaikh 9/28/2009  

that was real crazy.. :P

Saad Shaikh 9/28/2009  

and yeah.. enjoyed reading this post.. lol.. :D

I'm lucky enough to not have been in such a situation.. :P

BardSpeaks 9/29/2009  

@Soin: That was BADDD!!!!

@Saad: Neph will never venture to pull my leg again for as long as we both shall live after I am through with him this term!

Pree-yea.... 9/29/2009  

WOW. You got pwnd!! :P

Wine and Words 10/03/2009  

I could feel my ire getting peeked...I was pissed off for you! Breathed a big sigh of relief when I found out you got punked! Thought I was gonna have to break out the boxing gloves and teach some manners over there...where!

olive oyl 10/05/2009  

revenge was sweet :p wonder what shall be yours.

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Caveman 10/09/2009  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rose 10/24/2009  

lol!! You've got to admit though, it was a masterpiece of a plan *grin*

Anonymous 4/30/2011  

A good name is better than riches.


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