Signs by Zoo Wardens

02 September 2009

Interesting Signs by Zoo Wardens!:-)

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sonali 9/02/2009  

witty ones...... nice posts, its like wen i once visited the hill stations dey had such write-ups sayin, "DRIVE SLOW, SOMEONE IS WAITING FOR YOU AT HOME"..... But all this is common.....your post was something new i saw, and i liked it,...keep posting :)

Sourav !!! 9/02/2009  

LOL !!

Fake orgasm, when attacked by orgasm !

LOL !!

P.S. Just took up your tag :)

Allergic To People 9/02/2009  

This was funny! Long time no post Bard?

Anahat 9/02/2009  

Thiz is different from all the others I have seen! Hilarious! Like the one about rebirth.

Saad Shaikh 9/03/2009  

Hahahahaa... hilarious!! :D

really good ones.. especially the orgasm one.. :P Lol.. :D

and loved the last one.. rebirth.. :D

good post..

Mahima 9/03/2009  

Haw Haw! Can't believe these are actual signs.

Jai 9/29/2009  

Three new replies await you on your discussion board, your Excellency.

Jai 9/29/2009  

Well...... maybe something to do with sensibilities, pride and prejudices. Aw’ c’mon, i ain’t gonna tell you everything Bardy, use your imagination will ya.


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