All in a Daze Work!

23 October 2008

Now, you'd wonder what is it about observations of a bookstore? Read's all in a daze work. I had half a day to myself and a very quaint little bookshop and its rather old-fashioned banner arrested my attention. I was pulled toward it, as it were. My little nephew was with me and knew his fate was sealed for a good one hour the minute he observed my striken appearance. Resigned to his fate and trying to blend in with my mood, the poor chap followed me in darn good spirit, if you ask me. Well, I opened the door... thud, doink, thuddddd... yes, that's right, I fell through half a flight of steps. Ah! But you ask me, why the hell didn't I look! Well, I did! But, at the most cruelly placed ad poster of a new book I've been dying to read. I am sure many others had preceded me in their embarrassing fall owing to the highly inappropriate placement of Brisinger's poster. Never mind, thought I. A fall is a fall, as long as no bones are broken. While I was thus reasoning, I happened to notice the rapidly changing expressions on the faces of the security guard and my own blood (read:nephew) that betrayed me rather vengefully! The former tried his best to be helpful, look sorry & guilty...all at the same time. Actually, come to think of it, he looked like he was dying to laugh but the thought of his dismissal made it impossible to. The latter, in the meantime, looked cheerfully avenged and at ease. Imagine this: me fallen pitifully with 2 bags full of things, my nephew at the top of the steps looking at me with a who're-you look looking elsewhere and the guard extending his hand for help. This was the decisive moment. I could be either angry and be laughed at behind my back, or laugh myself and allow the other to let their snickers loose...or, I could get up full of grace and dignity. Err...difficult choice, if you ask me! So, what did I do? In my most polite tone, I asked the nephew if he could please manage to descend, help me with the bags, smiled the sweetest smile ever at the guard(boy! did he feel miserable after that) and collected myself, brushed my jeans off any traces of dirt and with nephew in tow, walked into the shop, totally forgetting my very reason for being there. Ah! There was the book I was looking for...As You Like It. Or, was I? Nephew, in the meantime, decided to buy the most expensive book in the store and make quite a noise about it, too. (It suddenly dawned upon him that he was in a quiet, public place and he had a one-in-a-million chance to make the most of it.) what was I supposed to do? Another moment of decision...either I could yell back or I could give in and buy the book. Here is what I did. Picture me limping gracefully to the most annoying chap in the world(at least it seemed so at that moment). Our conversation was as follows: Hmmm...lovely book!(smile). Can you read? (The tiny face fall here rather dramatically. Don't think I'm mean or something...he loves to act, rather overact.) Now, would you be good enough to put it back? I must say one positive thing about Nephew: he knows when he is defeated. A mild but-you-can did rise from his mouth, but I was already on my way out(truth be told, I couldn't hide my pain anymore!). Looks like Brisinger will have to wait for one of its most ardent devotees to come and pay obeisance to it one day. That day will not arrive soon, I'm sure...can't walk with a leg in temporary cast, now, can I?

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Savitha C 10/23/2008  

I know exactly how you must have felt. Took my niece to a bookshop and trust me, if she had her way, she would have wanted the entire bookshop. She had to settle for a colouring book! :)

Bardrox 10/23/2008  


Mishti 10/25/2008  

Love the way the decision-making moment was handled...

Sruthi 12/24/2008  

Awww...poor dear!


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