Ennui is IN!

08 October 2008

Ennui! Well, learning how to pronounce it right might take away a bit of it but that will not eliminate the need to do something and something, well, different. However did the older generation manage without videogames, T.V. or cell phones? Very well, if you ask me. Creativity was the name of the game and one either was born creative or learnt how to entertain oneself. No whining but, mummy, what do I do kids. You went out to play and invented games. You managed with a whole gang who was out to PLAY, you know! You split into teams, made friends with real people and played real games, not move thingies called 'joysticks' all over the place to win. One ran, fell, got dirty, came back home with scratched knees and bruises. One climbed trees in stealth and plucked ripe mangoes much to the anger and loathing of the local chowkidar. One looked forward to watching a movie in the only theatre in town, wait for that one copy of record...One...well, bonded, made lasting relationships and friendships. Girls looked forward to having their first Barbie doll and boys to the first GI-Joe or He-Man. One talked, shared tales, joys and sorrows. In short, one was social, never got bored and was totally kicked about life and how to find more time to fill it with more fun and meaning.
I see small kids today and teenagers feeling lost without their ipods, psp's, computer games or DVD's. Whatever happened to all the Nancy Drews and Malory Towers? Books, anyone? No? Oh well! Never mind. Looks like this generation doesn't know what having fun is. All they are busy at is getting bored. How ironic...just when the world is moving towards making life more entertaining and easy, we seem to be moving away instead of solving one of the simplest of all concerns: ennui. The more we have, the less we seem to enjoy it. Less was definitely better.

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Anonymous 10/23/2008  

This is so true.

Aadya 10/25/2008  

I totally agree. My kids are just like this and I have a tough time with them during their holidays.


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