Of Christie & Wodehouse Haters…

23 October 2008

I am a compulsive-Agatha Christie-reader.
No matter how many slew of books I may read, tomes, some of them, but tis an AG I need by my bedside at night. This whole bit of writing is because someone made a comment the other day about how juvenile one had to be if one read AG’s beyond their teens. Well, all I’ve got to say to this sort of comment, in defence to AG, is how delinquent one had to be to comment thus.
To those of you who may have read/still read AG’s, I am sure this will sound totally dotty. Who can deny not having found these novels with the old but sharp Miss Marple or the clever Poirot entertaining and diverting? Don’t you remember having an oh-I-miscalculated-again look at the end of the story as the villain/vamp is brought to justice in a most unexpected and startling logical manner? Among a whole host of reading stuff, this is one book I can always pick up and read without feeling guilty or wondering why Life is so/not so etc. You get the drift.
Oh, wait, there was another rather daft observation on another, one of the world’s wittiest authors, P.G. Wodehouse. The person said Wodehouse never made sense to him. Well, alright, understandable. But, the footnote that followed was something totally baffling…that Wodehouse was NOT witty/humorous from any angle, but was rather puerile and trivial (Gak!). Now, this leaves me having very strong hate-vibes. Oh, no, not because he doesn’t like the same books that I do, but that these conclusions were like the word of God, final. Also, to me, it displayed an unperceptive mind! No one sensible'd ever put their thoughts in this immature a fashion. One may not like an author or a book, but, does that mean you hold it in contempt? Not liking a colour does not make it universally distasteful or bad, now, does it? Buddy, if you don’t comprehend satire & understated British wit, wry and all, you probably need to ease up on the double, not call Wodehouse dumb!
These remarks betray a ridiculously infantile mind that cannot conceive of the truth that a true mark of a good critic is that he does not condemn an author as established as maybe, Shakespeare. Personal liking is one thing; & to say the Bard is useless, is to say Heck, I cannot ever understand the intelligent use of the language and its myriad nuances or styles. In short, it’s like saying, Hey, everybody, look I’m dense!
I am so sick of pretenders to intelligence and un-perspicacious(if ever there is such a word) people that I zimbly had to pen my thoughts!

4 Comments, Opinions & What Have you!:

Anonymous 10/23/2008  

I adore Wodehouse and know someone exactly like this person who can't understand Wodehouse kinda humour & satire! Dorks!

Anonymous 10/23/2008  

Some people's comments are so duh!

Anonymous 10/24/2008  

Couldn't agree more.

Srini 10/24/2008  

Nice thoughts...Nice views...


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