On Being Tagged!

22 August 2009

When Kasabian Girl number tagged me, I broke out in cold sweat. At first, I froze and then went into a nervous frenzy. At a particular point, I even contemplated killing my blog altogether! Yeah, that’s how daunting the task seemed to me!

Then, I decided to face it all, what the heck. So here goes nothing.

1. Let’s see now. Err…the beginning of it all…including impossible lists like this one here.

2. That’s how many siblings I have. (And, we’re always warring!)

3. Email ids. I have 3 of them for…just for kicks.

4. This is tough…my multiple selves. (I am a little like Sibyl…she of the 16 (split) personality fame.)

5. The number of bedrooms I’d like to have in my house.

6. This is how many times I munch on food, on an average day! (Drat!)

7. The day I get my salary! Damn! This one’s enormously boring! 7..7…ah! The number of lives I’d like to have before I get liberated!

8. Different kinds of rides I’ve taken: Bullock cart, tricycle, horse cart, cycle rickshaw, scooter, car, airplane, donkey (yes! This, too!)

9. Favourite characters/people, fictional or not: Lawrence Olivier, Shylock (no, Kasabian girl, I ain’t borrowing. He’s my fav, too!), Rhett Butler, Calvin & Hobbes, Sherlock Holmes, Elizabeth Bennet, Iago, Anne of Green Gables, The Cheshire Cat, Bertie Wooster…errr…I think I just exceeded the list.

10. 10 movies I like: Life is Beautiful, Death at a Funeral, Shawshank Redemption, Sound of Music, The King & I, Pride & Prejudice, Mackenna’s Gold, My Fair Lady, The Scarlet Pimpernel(the Anthony Andrews version), Dial M for Murder.

Wait. There’s more. I know it ought to stop at 10.

11: The number of times I have taken a resolution in the last one hour to not go deranged and loony making lists like these! I swear you’ll have to take my pulse to check if I’m alive, such is the vacant, glassy & cold look in my eyes.

Here are some of the other people I’d like to tag(why should I leave them in peace?): Eternally Distracted, Saad, Distant Reflections, Indian Pundit, Jeannie, Arjun, Freelancer, Queen’s Reveries, Rare Sparks, Lorrin, Rohini Prashanth, Sourav, AD, Snapping Panda, kaka.

People, please carry on the tag!

{Psst: K Girl: I really had a good time doing this!:)}

22 Comments, Opinions & What Have you!:

Anonymous 8/22/2009  

Oh my my...somebody seems to have missed the bus and taken a donkey!!:P

haha...nicely done..and I hope you enjoyed the Wild ride :D

BardSpeaks 8/22/2009  

@ KGirl: Oh! Yeah! I missed out on the bus thingy! Gawd! I've had so many and with WHAT terrible experiences! No wonder I missed it - my subconscious self has thrown it out of any kinda memory forever!

Abby Kihano 8/22/2009  

ooOooOO you're very different from all the bloggers i've been different. i mean sherlock holmes? wow. that's awesome! :]

i love your distinct choices! :}

BardSpeaks 8/22/2009  

@ Abby: Thanks!

Indian Pundit 8/22/2009  

Hey Bard

Thats a good read. Great to know about you.

i really liked 4,5,6(that's me,i am a foodie),8.

Thanks for tagging me yaar.
i am so very sorry, i already did this........

Check it out



scarlet pimpernel 8/22/2009  

you stole my list of movies :-)

BardSpeaks 8/22/2009  

@ IP: NP! I had no idea you'd been tagged already.

@SPimpernel: :-) My list is endless! It took about 3 hours to leave out the others!

Allergic to People 8/22/2009  

There are very few things that make me smile. This one did.

Kaka 8/22/2009  

that means i too have a daunting task ahead of me ....:)..neatly done....thanx for tagging me...:D

scarlet pimpernel 8/22/2009  

truee!!!! thats why i never fill fav book and fav movie columns in social networking sites. I feel so bad when i dont mention all

Saad Shaikh 8/22/2009  

hahahaa.. you rode on a Donkey.. :P now that is something hatke I must say.. :D

you munch 6 times a day?? You have a big competition then it seems.. I keep munching all the time.. :P wanna compete.. lol.. :D

hehehee.. good one.. ;)

and btw, I've already been tagged with this by the Kasabiangirl and am yet to complete it.. :P 4 tags pending as of now.. :P

was fun to read.. esp that Donkey ride.. rofl.. :D

Saad Shaikh 8/22/2009  

anyways.. thanks a lot for tagging me.. will complete it asap.. :)

Toothfairynotes 8/22/2009  

nice list though! I think you've done a great job :P

Have a great weekend!

Jaideep Sobti 8/22/2009  

hmmm... interesting. Since i've been tagged and can't possibly refuse the Bard... here goes nothing.

So like a few years back I was sitting in ‘Friday's’ drinking a glass of wine; when in walked a girl who almost struck me blind!! She had blue eyes and her legs were long and fine. On a scale of one to ten, I'd give her a 9.

Now on my scale there ain't no 10's, you know. 9 is about as far as any girl can go. So I flashed her a smile, but she didn't even look at me! So for brains and good judgment, I'd give her a 3.

I said, "Hey sweet thing, you look like a possible 8. You and me could make eighteen, if your head's on straight." She looked up and down my perfect frame, and said these words that burned into my perfect brain:-

She said, “well, another one of those “macho-matician” men, the kind who grade women on scales of 1 to 10. And, you give me an 8. Well, that's a generous thing to do. Now, let's just see how much I give you!”

She said, “you coming on to me with that phony numbers jive; Your style makes me smile... I give it a 5! When you walked up I noticed that shirt of yours and it's last year's washed cuffs, so i give it a 4!”

“That must be your car parked out on the curb. That '83 fiat, i give it a 3 and a third! Now, as for your build, you’re less than 5! Except, for your pot belly.... I'd give that a 10 for size!!”

“That wine you're pouring might be fine to you; but I'm used to fine champagne, so i give it a 2! It's hard to tell what your flashing smile is worth. I give it a 6 coz’ you could use some dental work!!”

“But, it's your strutting rooster act that really makes me laugh. It may be a 10 to these country hens, but to me - a 3 and a half!! And there really ain't much to add once the subtracting is done; since there ain't no 0’s, I give you a 1!!!”

As she walked out, the whole bar laughing all at once,
said' "Jai, what happened to your 9!!"

BardSpeaks 8/22/2009  

@Saad: Yeah! Have ridden on donkey-back! :-)

@Jai: THIS WAS OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY! Where's your post, though???

Sumit 8/23/2009  

Awesome tag! Made for insightful reading, and yeah Berties is one of my fav characters too. :)

Sourav !!! 8/23/2009  

Thanks (I could very well abuse, kill, hate and what not :P) for tagging me ;) ... !!

4.Flora Rheta's some 70's book abt Mason...right?? LOL r u only 1/4th of her ! :P

5.Don't tell me, and in each bedroom u'd have a different guy for you :P

6.LOL...you eat so less :P

11.Alive :O ??

Yeah nice 10's .. errr 11's, will take up this tag next week Nidhi, till thn read my latest post :

Rendezvous with ‘my’ childhood :)

Rohini Prasanth 8/24/2009  

King and I! I like that movie. I thought nobody knew or remembered it anymore!

Interesting post. Thank you for tagging me! Will post it soon.

Jai's comment-cum-tag-post was hilarious.

Arjun 8/24/2009  

haha.. That was nice :D

and hey.. write something abt ur donkey ride.. :P .. hehe

and u tagged me too... woahh .. haha...



Anonymous 12/08/2010  

Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?

BardSpeaks 12/08/2010  

Hey anon. You can contact me at my Email ID:nidhibard@gmail.com

Anonymous 12/09/2010  


Awesome blog, great write up, thank you!


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