Section 377: Time to be Gay

03 July 2009

A rather animated discussion was taking place when I walked in to my workplace. Topic: the revised Article 377 of the Indian constitution that makes gay rights legal, simply said. 5 men said it is not moral, 1 woman said it had nothing to do with morals.

The guys said now they’d have to go in burqas…afraid that any man might ask them to marry them on the road! Ridiculous. They also said one may as well legalize drugs, robbery and poison. They said it was unnatural, immoral and just not right. Gays ought to be sent to jail!

In this case, the eunuchs ought to be killed! Because that, too, is not natural, yes? But, then, that was different, they said in a chorus. Ah. And, how was that different, may I ask? Just because they were “different” physically? Is that all? So, just because a person looks different, it is natural. But, if he feels differently because it is natural for him/her to feel that way, it is illegal! Drugs, poison are harmful to life…being gay doesn’t kill…it’s just a sexual inclination, for crying out loud! What if YOU did not feel naturally attracted to men/women, as the case may be, however hard you tried? How can you force someone to be attracted to a particular sex when they feel absolutely nothing? Imagine asking such a person to get married to a ‘normal’ person! It’s atrocious, unfair …for both the individuals. In fact, it may even amount to rape.

I am aware of people pretending to be gay because they are bored or turn gay for the sake of shock-value, money, favours or attention – that is another matter. The discussion, here, is about people who are inherently different, not for the sake of kicks.

Every individual has a right to be themselves, as long as it doesn’t harm or injure anyone in any way. Why should we accept and consider only physical differences as normal? Just because it is obvious? Should I be considered a freak because I think, feel, react differently? Or, because how I am, is not ‘common?’ Am I to be not accepted because in your experience, I act contrarily to a system of universal or personal belief? How hypocritical, insensitive and lopsided a perspective/belief is that? Going by this, corruption should be legalised…isn’t it common? That is immoral. Pedophiles and rapists ought to be sent to jail, not souls who cannot bring themselves to feel the way ‘straight’ people do.

I think it is time we looked at things from a different angle…take a more comprehensive look; accept and recognize that people can be different, singular and unlike us…and just because they cannot feel the way they are supposed to "traditionally" feel doesn’t make them any less of a human being.

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kasabiangirl 7/03/2009  

The Indian High court decriminalizing homosexuality is a huge step forward...I am really happy with this ruling. Anybody who thinks it goes against traditional Indian sensibilities needs to f**k off!

Sid 7/03/2009  

You made me think differently. Hmm. Now I shall be more tolerant. Thanks!

Allergic To People 7/03/2009  

Yeah. Abso.

Anandi 7/04/2009  

Hmmmm.....being gay is not normal, nature definitely didn't intend it to be so. But if we can accept all other kinds of disparities, then acceptance of deviant sexuality is not worth such a lot of thought.There's no 'wrong' in this matter.
It's high time that people faced that homosexuality has been around for longer than their great grand parents have been on the planet.
Thanks to the ruling, the nation will atleast have one less cause to launch crusades for.

Saad Shaikh 7/05/2009  

Man... you are in full support for this! :p

you know what.. God devised the system of Adam & Eve.. and NOT Adam & Steve

even after sayin' this, check out some benefits India now has out here:

I am sure it won't amuse you much as you're in support of the decision.. but still have a read.. ;)

BTW.. your articles are relevant.. and you blog good.. :)

Srivatsan 7/05/2009  

What makes one think that he is gay?
Who makes one a gay?
well,he himself make it 50%! and his family and friends makes him the rest! in some cases,I have read in net,parents and friends contribute 100% to one being a gay!
it is not biological,not it is from birth.
it is all in mind.gays live with a mind which creates mirage that they're women at heart.

I think this biological,genetic are all lies!
gays can become straight if they wish to. I have read articles of gays turning and leading heterosexual life in net.

I had been researching in net for past 5 months about homosexuality as im including a homosexual character in one of my yet to be written novel!

reg 377,"no comments"!

Srivatsan 7/05/2009  

Exactly..rather than society,you can name it majority. Majority are heterosexuals.And it is tendency of human beings to remain with majority and enjoy its benefits , rather than fighting for minority(in this case,gays)and facing obstacles.That why many people tease or bully homosexuals/transgenders so that they are seen as heterosexuals by the majority.And that's why people supporting homos are labeled and teased.
Personally,I think,in society like INDIA where men and women allow parents to even choose their life partner,it is common that you need others to determine one's sexual orientation.I mean man should only love woman,though he doesn't have it- like this!

And men have more fear that,if they speak in favor of gays,they too will be labeled as gay.Yesterday,my friends were discussing this topic and all were against 377.WHen one of my friend spoke in favor of 377,they teased him as gay and said'hey,be careful with this guy'.I was like 'thanks god..i didnt said im supporting it'.Now you can understand why men don't support homosexuals.
So only I said " no comments"! :P

BardSpeaks 7/06/2009  

@ Srivatsan: There are all sorts of people. Like I mentioned in the write-up, I am not talking about people who are NOT inherently gay. My support is for people who ARE gay. The only reason people hide their actual leanings or 'pretend' to change is the society. At the end of the day, it takes a 'law' to make people accept things...and if it does, so be it!

BardSpeaks 7/06/2009  

@ Srivatsan: It is people like your friends who make life difficult for the "minority." The majority supports bullying and outdated customs...doesn't make it right. Sitting on the fence is the easiest way out of any situation. It takes effort and heart to support those who find it tough to be part of any "majority."

kasabiangirl 7/06/2009  

@Srivatsan: It's ignorance which makes people bully or tease someone. The blacks were a minority and that's why they had to fight for their rights and they still do. It doesn't make racism right does it?? The Indians are a minority in Australia and they are getting beaten up and abused. Should the Australians go with the flow and "enjoy its benefits" or recognise the minority to be human too??

Don't ever go with the's always wrong! The ratio of intelligent people to Morons is 10:90. Now you choose which side you want to be on.

As for your you think they are good company?? How do you handle so much insensitivity?? I know I couldn't :)

Jaideep Sobti 7/06/2009  

A very interesting and well reasoned out perspective. I won’t get into the spiritual aspect of why it’s perfectly normal for two people of the same sex to love each other... because in my experience, it’s pretty ‘pakao’ to talk about metaphysics – as some people say it is.

Back to an earthy point of view; i just wanted to address the 2nd paragraph of your essay. I happened to be watching a debate on homosexuality on television around 4 years back, where a heterosexual gentleman raised a concern. He said, ‘i’m scared that if we legalize homosexuality, there will be a lot of guys hitting on me. That’ll be very embarrassing and i won’t be able to go out in public.” I was amazed at the response he got from a gay member of the panel of debaters. The response was, “if you feel scared of another man making a pass at you, perhaps you’re uncomfortable with your own sexuality!! What’s so embarrassing about being who you are? Don’t men constantly make a pass at women? Shouldn’t women then feel perpetually scared? If a person with my sexual orientation goes beyond a certain stated protocol with you – that becomes akin to eve-teasing and harassment... it has nothing to do with recognising that homosexuality should be treated as normal; that’s a law and order situation.”

That reply had a profound effect on me... it was one of those “Ah-Ha!” moments.

Thanks for stopping by my weblog. Happy Blogging.


BardSpeaks 7/06/2009  

@ jaideep: You said it!

rahul 7/08/2009  

I guess everybody is free to do what he/she wants but this thing is a bit alien to our will take time to assimilate!!

Anonymous 7/12/2009  

When I read this article, while surfing the net, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

ARTICLE 377 of the Indian Constitution deals with the appointment of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India. Personally I think the CAG is doing a great job and shouldn't be abolished, but you're entitled to your opinion.

SECTION 377 of the INDIAN PENAL CODE is probably what you're talking about, I suppose.

It it really worrying me that a person, who can evidently read and write English, has access to television, newspapers and the internet can make an error like this. Even if you didn't know it, you could have looked it up (using Google, at the very least) before flinging around sarcasm in the public domain.

This is a link to the Indian Penal Code, if you'd like to check (you should have checked first, you know).

What is even more shocking is that so many people replied, and not one of them realised. It indicates that even the educated population does not know basic facts about the way this country is governed, or the laws.

Is it any wonder then, that India is in the state it is today? We all have opinions, and nobody bothers to check the facts.

BardSpeaks 7/13/2009  

@ Anon: Thanks for the correction but sarcasm was unwarranted. Like most others, I also go by what the papers (who, I presume, do their homework on such matters) reported. In fact, if you care to type Article 377 on the internet, it DOES show up info about gay rights. As eg., here's one of those several links from the Indian Express:
I wasn't being sarcastic in my post. Mine is a 'personal' opinion.
I don't know what can change India, but I'm sure "anonymously" written vituperative, acerbic and taunting darts will not.

kasabiangirl 7/13/2009  

@"anonymous"- On June 28, 2009 'The Hindu' considered to be the one of the best newspapers world over for hardcore journalism published this article: Article 377 may be repealed


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