Shoe Trouble

20 July 2009

A couple of friends were discussing their annoyance over shoes that just wouldn’t last.


Mine just don’t break! Yeah, I know. It IS a unique problem. Do what I may, my footwear just refuses to allow me to throw it away without feeling guilty. I am rather fed up. And, believe you me, I am not somebody who walks gingerly or carefully. Which is what makes it worse. More often than not, I find myself giving away practically new shoes, which makes my family wince. They have little idea of how old they are and I am so unable to explain my predicament to them! What looks new, is new. Period.

I think the time is right for a second sigh.

A lot many people have wondered at my jam. In fact, a few have even tried to help me out of this pickle. Run on loose gravel. Keep them out in the sun for a couple of days. Soak them in water. Dip my feet in tar. Moonwalk. Right.

As I write this silly little post, I marvel at those who are able to buy new footwear “because the old ones gave way.” What wouldn’t I do to be in their shoes!

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Jaideep Sobti 7/20/2009  

My shoes disintegrate as soon as i wear them. I mean i take very good care of them.... honestly, but they just fall apart in no time. And i can’t let go of those darn loveable things.

I find that the cheaper the shoe is, the faster it needs to R.I.P. However, i tend to resurrect the poor things even after their turn has been done. Araldite is a God send, much to the chagrin of everyone around me. But, i must hasten to add... i've still got style.

BardSpeaks 7/20/2009  

@Jaideep: Cheap or expensive, I am cursed to live with shoes/any footwear for as long as I shall live. :-(

Allergic to people 7/20/2009  

A unique problem indeed!

Rohini Prasanth 7/20/2009  

oh !!! I pity you!!
I love to stamp out the life of my old footwear and spend hours trying on new ones before finally settling on the love of my feet (at least for a little while hheehee.. ).. Luv it. Really do. Don't mean to make you feel bad.. but it sure is a pity. I never buy footwear that last - 'cos there is no fun in seeing the same pair for a decade.

Anonymous 7/21/2009  

Am a passenger in your train sitting right next sis...:) Though, i don't throw/discard the old ones... poor lil' things, what harm have they done to me but saved my feet from the road dust n crap.

Nevertheless, at times one does wonder over the fact that we collect so may pairs, just to keep buying new ones???

- Anumeha

BardSpeaks 7/21/2009  

@ Anumeha: I don't want to go on collecting shoes, dear God, no! What will I do with them? There is something called getting FED UP! That's what happens. There comes a time when you no longer want to even look at, leave alone wear an old pair.
Yeah, I know you don't like throwing them away. There are still a couple of your shoes in the shoe cupboard that are just gathering dust. :-(

Anonymous 7/21/2009  

'Run on loose gravel' and 'soak them in water' sounds kinda fun. I think it might finally do the trick for you :)

Try the awesome suggestions and then let us know if they work ;p

BardSpeaks 7/21/2009  

@ kasabiangirl: I dare say I'm cursed. Don't think any of the suggestions would work. :-(

deluded 7/21/2009  


well. its been almost a year since this post.

did you change your shoes yet?



why not blog more?

if you do, I'll promise to come and read more :)

deluded 7/21/2009  


is this comment moderation I see?

BardSpeaks 7/21/2009  

@ Deluded: You sure do justice to your name! Dear deluded, this post was posted but yesterday, on the 20th of July 2009. :-)

Yes, I do keep changing my shoes:-) Don't like being in the same shoes, literally speaking, of course!
Thanks for stopping by.

Srivatsan 7/22/2009  

Heyy,I have tagged you here :



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