Whose Line is it, Anyway? Arbitrary Thoughts on My Many Faces.

10 July 2009

Absurdly, a statement from a desperate wanna-be set me thinking. A very belligerent woman, she said she was soft at the core but had to pretend to be brash to save herself from being mangled by the “wolves” of the industry.

Hmm. I realized I had a coupla faces myself. One for home, another for work, one for friends, yet another for strangers. I must be leaving people pretty befuddled. Imagine a group of people comprising a family member, a chaddi friend, a colleague, an acquaintance, an ex-flame, a stranger (to me, that is), and a person I don’t get along with. If they were to discuss me, they’d probably all have different things to say, quite like those 7 blind men, all touching different parts of the elephant and having totally varied and diverse things to conclude about the poor animal. Each, of course, positive that their unique experience was THE one; that the others didn’t know any better.

You get the drift.

Obviously, one can’t be the same with everyone one meets. Some would say it’s hypocritical. I’d say it’s essential. There is no greater pleasure than to be yourself; and of course, that’s the real you coz you don’t have your antennae up. You aren’t worried about being judged. That said, again, there is no greater pleasure than being a total mystery to the one you can’t tolerate! :-)Let ‘em keep guessing. The minute they conclude I am a snob, I belie that and do something sweet! Keep 'em on their toes!

Mean? Maybe. But when people are out to walk all over you, you have only so many options. Become a doormat, try to change their way of thinking, care a fig or confuse them. Actually, confuse-if-you-can’t-convince seems to work pretty well.

Well, most of the time.

When it doesn’t, I take the “Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!” route. Believe you me, it works.

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Sudhanshu 7/10/2009  

Had fun reading this.

Jaideep Sobti 7/10/2009  

I get the drift. btw, there's no show like 'Whose Line is it anyway?'

BardSpeaks 7/10/2009  

@ Jaideep: I was playing on the phrase, 'whose life is it, anyway?' and the word, 'line' in the sense of taking a particular stand/path. :-)NOW I know there's a show like that. :D

kasabiangirl 7/10/2009  

Nice post!

Agreed...can't be the same with everyone...It's almost impossible :D

Antarang 7/10/2009  

Rhett Butler said it all didn't he?

Jaideep Sobti 7/10/2009  


Saad Shaikh 7/10/2009  

Your posts are fun to read.. and have always something different to offer.. :)

liked today's too.. I agree on most of the things.. but confuse-if-can't-convince thing doesn't work with me.. most of the times I end up getting confused.. :P

good one.. ;)

Srivatsan 7/10/2009  

Wow..the comparison with blind men touching elephant is astounding.Perfect comparison.

And japanese people are mostly like your description of multiple faces.Try reading "the rising sun" by micheal crichton.He explains and compares this character which differs japanese from americans and makes the former empower the latter!

Rohini Prasanth 7/11/2009  

yes indeed.. one can not be exactly the same with everyone.. but there are some inherent characteristics that stick with you no matter which role you begin to play..

As we geneticists say.. there is no escaping your genes.. [:D] Blame it all on them.. haahaa.

BardSpeaks 7/11/2009  

@ Saad: Thanks:)

@ Srivatsan: I must read the book you mentioned.

@ Rohini: I love what genetics implies. Blame the genes! Ha! A great way to divest yourself of all responsibility! ;-) PERFECT!

Rohini Prasanth 7/12/2009  

yup. that's the first truth we learn in our Genetics class.. its absolutely perfect.. for you don't feel any guilt at all.. esp if you are a believer.



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