Customer Apathy

25 July 2009

I so hate it when a customer care guy says, “But no one else seems to have a problem…” Come on, GIMME A BREAK! You mean I’m calling you for cheap thrills? Do I look like I care if no one else seems to be having the same problem? I do!

A small example of a usual phone conversation with my mobile service provider call centre guys. “I haven’t got my phone bill/an alert SMS from you. I don't know how much I owe you. As usual” CCE: “Oh! I am sorry.” Silence.

Tell me, wouldn’t you wonder? So I mutter a care-to-tell-me-the-amount-due. CCE: “I’m sorry for the inconvenience.” Silence. And a bored one.

Time to take charge, I think. “Look here, abc, it doesn’t matter if you are sorry or not. I need to know how much I need to pay!” CCE: “Well, we can make sure you get e-bills in the future, but we can’t do much about the past.” Man! He was daft!! He continues: “You WILL get your bill this time. Trust me.” Like hell I do! I bark at him, which gets me my answer, finally.

Ok…another thing, I haven’t been getting text messages from my friends for the last one week – none at all. Earlier, it’d be one-off, now it’s worse & frequent. CCE: “No? Sorry, but we haven’t heard of this complaint from anyone else.” Silence. A dead one, this time.

Was I wrong if I lost it? So, just because no one has complained to your oh-so-super-screwed company, does that make me a psycho who thrives on giving cc guys calls through the day? Snicker. Not mine. His.

I asked to be connected to his supervisor, complained(read: ranted) and got a whole load of promises. Out of sheer rage, I also lodged a formal complaint against the cc guy, sent a ‘VERY BAD’ as an option answer to the post-cc text message service they have, AND answered all the questions in a negative when I got a call-back from the company, asking about the cc guy. Sounds spiteful, but if this is what you are doled out each time you want a solution, so be it. And, it wasn’t a phone fault. I had my cell checked twice.

I have, since, changed my service provider.

Unfortunately, this one’s worse. I can’t even begin to tell you how dead they sound. Sigh!

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Anonymous 7/25/2009  

I am with you and your frustrations! Isn't it always the case though that if you don't pay your bill they are pretty efficient at switching you off on time! I think they keep all the good staff for that aspect of the job! Mind you, the curious (nosey) side of my character ALWAYS wanted to work in one of these places. I think some complaints must be hilarious.

Anonymous 7/25/2009  

I changed my number 11 times in 3 years cuz of the same problem :s

BardSpeaks 7/25/2009  

Gawd! Is there no help from these incompetent nitwits!!!

Jaideep Sobti 7/25/2009  

tch, tch... terrible. they ought to be lined up and shot by the firing squad.

Parikshith Kumar 7/26/2009  

Ha ha ha... funny stuff. Actually, thank god for customer support. They are actually my stress busters. Call them up at 12 in the night and scream at them for being incompetent fools. Quite a stree reliever it can be, I tell you :-)
For free screams, dial customer serivice. Ha ha ha

Esther 7/26/2009  

Trust me, I've gone through this. Well firstly these Vodafone or Airtel call center guys really don't know how to speak, not customer centric, lazy to work and on the whole they are all NOT well trained. If I don't understand the Agent I immediately demand to connect me to a supervisor. I'd rather file a complaint rather than wasting my time with those agents who hardly know how to handle customers.

BardSpeaks 7/26/2009  

@ Jaideep and Parikshith: Completely agree with both of you! I'd love to do the firing myself!

@ Esther: It's also a problem with Reliance!

Savitha C 7/29/2009  

Hey, will make a post sometime on the funny conversation that I had with an Airtel Customer Service Head in Hyd. The man was willing to go an extra mile to prove his point, which unfortunately, was nothing.

BardSpeaks 7/29/2009  

yeah...that's why he must have wanted to go an extra mile:-)

freelancer 7/30/2009  

ouch! the last line was a killer.
poor guy at the customer care....
we might as well sue the company lol..

nice blog first visit here

That Ridiculous Girl 7/31/2009  

I once had overdraft charges because I ordered a 3.00 mocha before my check had cleared. I asked the bank guy, "Why do you call that 'Overdraft Protection' when you're charging me $39? That's not really protection."
He said, "In case you need to buy something RIGHT away, and you don't have the funds, we'll protect you for $1000 over your limit. I've even had to use it before."
I said, "Shouldn't that be called 'Irresponsibility Protection'?"
Needless to say, he didn't clear the charges.

Anonymous 8/05/2009  

And,to add to the frustration,they say - "Could you hold the line for a minute please, ma'am?" leaving no choice for me but - "sure"... never to return to us. Hang up... MAN!

- Anumeha


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